I am, and have been, a stay-at-home mom since 2008. I have, however, always had some type of hobby going, but having to deal with A.D.D. makes it hard to really stick to anything for long. I have always had a hard time focusing. I have written several books, but have not (yet) edited or published them. I learned to play bass, joined a band and played live shows, then "retired" after about 2 years. I made and sold polymer clay sculptures, but that is still pretty much shelved at the moment. The longest run time for any of my hobbies is with a virtual world called "Second Life," which I have (kinda) been active in since 2004. I currently own a virtual store there, where I make and sell 3D modeled items such as footwear, décor, clothing, and whatever other random things I feel like making.

The 2020 pandemic brought out the crafter in a lot of people. I have been crafty my entire life, but it was not until March of 2020 that I decided to add sewing to the ever-growing list of hobbies, not expecting it to really take off.

With a shortness of masks, I decided that I would take on the challenge of making some that my family could use on the odd occasion where we needed to leave the house during lockdown. Once we were all equipped, I started noticing fabrics, threads and other sewing things, every time we were somewhere that had a crafting section. I began to collect little bits here and there, and became obsessed with watching YouTube videos about how to use sewing machines.

I became intrigued with the idea of making my own purse, so I set out on that path but quickly learned that it was more like wide open freeway with so many stops along the way! I started learning what some different types of fabric were, and the types of thread, and what certain sewing notions were used for. I bought whatever the "craze" item was at the time, and learned how to use other everyday objects as sewing tools as well. I bought hundreds of bag patterns, and dove head first into the world of custom hardware. There was so much out there, and I loved it all!

About 5 months into bagmaking, I sold my first few bags to a family member, and was told that I needed to open a store. I had been thinking the same, and had started to setup my old Etsy store, but chose not to continue with that route due to a lot of changes that they had made since my store was last opened.

Almost exactly one year after I began sewing on a machine, I made the huge leap, and bought an industrial sewing machine, and I do not regret it! A couple of months after that, I created my very first self-drafted bag pattern!

Fast forward to the beginning of 2022, and I have sold several bags to non-relatives, and have gotten so much better at the overall construction! I have designed several bags, but have not yet created patterns for them. That is definitely a goal for the year. I also plan to get a business license, and make everything official! It's been a long journey, but a fun one, and I can't wait to see where it takes me!

I do want to note that, while what I make is not for everyone, I do try to have as many options as I can. I am into way too many styles/genres to just stick to only one, so please forgive my randomness! I am in love with the 1920s-50s, 1980s, 1990s! I also love Victorian goth, modern goth, bubble goth, rainbows, Tim Burton, spooky things, happy things, sleek modern things, all kinds of things!