Bag Custom Requests

Custom requests are always open to US & Canadian residents only.
This is due to the horrendous cost of shipping.

Commissions generally require a deposit or full payment up front. I don't do commissions.
Instead, I do custom requests. It's pretty much the same thing as a commission,
only I don't take any payments up front.

How it works:
You fill out the form below, and I will decide if I want to make it or not. I do not guarantee that I will make every single request. But if I do make your request, I'll contact you through Facebook to let you know, and ask any questions I may have about any extra details. I will send you an unlisted link to the final product when it's done, and you will have up to 12 business days to purchase the bag. If you decide that you don't want it, or if I haven't heard back from you at the end of the 12 business days, I'll make the listing public and sell it to someone else! The bags listed below are 100% designed by me from creation of the pattern up to the final product. I do not do customizations on bag designs that are derived from patterns that I have purchased from another designer. I will also not take an image from somewhere and build a new bag to look just like it.

  • The Narcissist

    *Standard or a batwing flap

    *2 zipper pockets

    *1-2 slip pockets

    *Extra structured

    *Apx 12"L x 3-6"W x 8"D

  • The Flatterer

    *Standard or applique front

    *Large zipper pockets

    *Large slip pockets

    *Convert to purse/backpack

    *Apx 15"L x 5"D x 15"H

  • The Greedy Clutch

    *Standard or themed flap

    *10 credit card slots

    *Purse handle & wristlet

    *Small & easy to carry

    *Apx 9.25"L x 2"D x 5.5"H

  • The Bat Company

    *Anchor or grommet strap

    *Inner zipper pocket

    *"Hidden" slip pocket

    *Fits most portable devices

    *Apx 14.5"L x 3"W x 10.5"H

Narcissist handle/deco strap options

For the Narcissist, you can choose to have a top handle or decorative straps. When you have a top handle, it's recommended that you also have a twist or flip lock closure on the front, so that the bag will not fall open while carrying. Decorative straps can be added, though there is no functionality in them.

  • Standard long or short

  • Skull

  • Jack-O-Lantern

  • Batwing

  • Coffin

  • Drippy

  • Drippy w/backing

  • Spiderweb

Bat Company strap options

The strap attachment options are either anchor or grommet.

The anchor band goes from one side of the bag, down across the bottom, and back up the other side. The handle is permanently attached, unless you request a removable one.

The grommet version comes with a detachable strap that attaches to the large grommets on either side of the bag.

All hardware will match unless you request a mix. Matte black and rainbow finishes will cost a bit more.

Thanks for your request! Remember that I do not guarantee that your request will be made, but I will do my best. I will contact you through Facebook if I do. Please only submit your request once. If you want to make changes, you can let me know when I contact you.

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As a rule, I will make up to two back-to-back custom requests per person. If the requester doesn't buy either of the bags, I will no longer do custom requests for them. If they want to request multiple bags (separately), and purchase them, then there is no limit to the amount of custom requests they can put in, as long as they do not cancel/skip on two consecutively.

Custom request FAQ

How do you decide which bags you will or won't make?

Because I do my "commissions" with zero money up front, I have to think about the resale value. Quite simply, if you decide not to purchase your requested bag, then it goes up for sale to the public on my site. If the bag is not something that my usual clientele would like, then there is a pretty good chance that I will not make it.

How much will a custom bag cost?

It depends on the bag that you design. Each element that you add may raise the price depending on whether or not it's a custom piece.
The Narcissist starts at $125
The Flatterer starts at $135
The Greedy Clutch starts at $80
The Bat Company starts at $130

What kinds of things can I change on a custom bag?

Besides all of the options listed above in the form, you can upgrade pretty much any aspect of the bag. Instead of a single color, you can request fabric with a specific design on it, such as bats or flowers. You can choose custom themed hardware (if available) as well.

You can also add extra pockets, request less pockets, add spikes or extra rivets or other decorative bits!

How long does it take to make a custom bag?

It can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks. It all depends on my day to day schedule, and how many other bags are in queue ahead of you. If I need to special order hardware or vinyl for your design, the timeline could be pushed out by a few weeks, or up to 4 months.

How do I buy my custom bag?

Once complete, I will create an unlisted page for your bag, here on my site. I will send you the direct link through Facebook messenger. You will then have 12 business days to make your purchase and complete the transaction. Your bag will ship out on the first Friday morning after your payment completes, and tracking will be sent to you via email.

Do you ship to Canada, or anywhere else?

I have recently opened up shipping to Canada. This is experimental, as shipping is extremely costly. If a Canadian shopper wants to pay the shipping price, then they are more than welcome to order. However, they must keep in mind that if they need to return their purchase for a repair, they would be responsible for the cost to ship both to me and back to them after the repair is complete.

I do not ship anywhere besides the United States and Canada at this point in time.

Can I request any bag on your site as a custom?

Nope. The only bags that I do custom requests for are the ones that I have designed myself. Meaning that I drew, drafted and created the entire pattern and bag design with my own hands. I will also not accept a reference image with the request to recreate someone else's design.