Tools of the Trade

I am often asked what I use for this or for that.
This list will take you to some of the things that I use in my everyday sewing.

The Machine

My primary machine is a Juki 8700H. This is a heavy duty machine that comes with a servo motor, and the option for a needle positioning system. The 8700 is the lightweight version of this machine. This is pretty much the non-walking foot equivalent to the 1541 (which is my dream machine!). It's shipped "knocked down," which means that you will need to put everything together. I loved this because I was able to learn a lot about my machine from the start. Don't worry, the Sewing Gold YouTube videos can walk you through every step!
I purchased through the Sewing Gold website, and called the store when I had questions. Steve's customer service is amazing, and he answered all of my questions. He even let me add things to my order the next day! I use tex70, tex80 & tex90 nylon or polyester thread on this machine.

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Cylinder Arm

I'll be honest, I have had a ton of issues with this machine, right from the start. But after replacing a couple of parts, and a lot of research, I fixed it so it works as it should now. All of that aside, this machine is great for topstitching the top edges of bags, as well as making straps. It comes with a metal flatbed attachment with two guides that can be adjusted or removed. I primarily use tex90 nylon thread on this machine.

Grab an arm

The Needles

My favorite brand of needles to use is Groz-Beckert. In the 3 years that I have been using an industrial sewing machine, I have only ever broken one needle. They're strong, and can move through double-sided tape laden vinyl like nobody's business! My typical daily needle is a size 18, but I will go as small as a 16 or as big as a 22!

Get sharp things

The Thread

My favorite thread to use is Amann bonded nylon in either tex70 or tex90 weight. It comes in a ton of colors, and you can get amazing prices over at Wawak!

Grab sewing rope

The Lube

Speaking of needles...Even though the needles are pretty amazing on their own, sometimes I like to give them a bit of help. This thread lubricant can be used on the thread or needle to give it an easier time gliding through your fabric. It's especially helpful when using double-sided tape, or sticky vinyl!

Lube it up

The double-stick

For me, the best double-sided tape I have ever come across is the Hyperstick from Wawak. While it's not easy to tear, it does have a super strong bond when used. I mostly use the 1/2", 1/4" and 1/8" on all of my projects, though it does come in a few other sizes!

Get sticky

Skinny Foot

Since I mostly sew with vinyl, I almost always have a teflon foot on my machine. My primary is a narrow teflon foot. It works with zippers, and topstitching as well!

Slim down

Topstitch Foot

The compensation foot is your friend! I use this for most of my topstitching, and it's teflon of course! Mostly, I use the right foot, but the left comes in handy sometimes.

Fix that stitch

Heat Press

I gave up on my iron a while back, and use this thing religiously! From the very first use, I have had teflon sheets (shown below) covering the heat pads, helping keep it in brand new condition!

Get heated
  • Topstitch

    Left teflon topstitch foot

    Get the lefty 
  • Piping feet

    Left and right 3/16", 1/8", and 1/4" included

    Get piping 
  • Narrow walker

    This is the narrow walking foot that I use on my cylinder arm machine

    Go narrow 
  • Narrow walking zipper

    This is the narrow zipper walking foot that I use on my cylinder arm machine

    Zip narrow 
  • Atelier Fiber Arts

    My #1 go-to for matte black hardware! Based out of Canada

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  • Sew Dulce

    Tons of custom hardware always in stock!

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  • MoreMeKnow

    Basic hardware in lots of finishes, cool notions and original fabrics!

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  • Netherworld Fabrics

    HUGE selection of killer vinyl and other fabric bases! Everything from witchy vibes, to horror, to adorable characters!

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  • Sew Dulce

    Aside from the sweet custom hardware, they also have some kick ass fabrics!

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  • Spoonflower

    I get some of my favorite vintage-inspired prints here

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  • K&A Custom Fabrics (pre-order)

    Constantly cycling pre-orders of custom fabrics!

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  • K&A Custom Fabrics (retail)

    The retail side of K&A!

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  • Fabric Wholesale Direct

    My primary source for marine vinyl and waterproof canvas

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  • Heartwood+Hide

    This is where I get my faux leather brand tags made. Check out all of the options they have!

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  • K&A Custom Fabrics

    Every other month, K&A opens pre-orders for metal bag tags. You design it however you want!

  • Wawak

    Huge array of things for all sewing needs

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  • Kamsnaps

    Hand presses and dies

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  • Buckleguy

    This is where I buy all of my Italian Giardini edge paints

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