Creating a custom Bat Company bag

One of my favorite creatures in this world, is the bat. They are adorable, and fuzzy, and have such boopable snoots! One day I was thinking about a little bat plushy that I had made, and how its wings closed around the strap of a bag, and I thought, "What if the bag itself was being hugged by a bat?" I drew a quick sketch, and soon after, the bag that was almost like having the company of a bat, was born!
It's finished size is approx 14.5"L x 3"W x 10.5"H

Hidden by a hug

Yes, there are two separate flaps, and each one covers a separate part of the bag! One of the neatest features of this bag, is the "hidden" front pocket that is tucked away under the front flap.

A lil zip!

The main part of the bag features a zipper pocket for tucking away the little things.

Tons of room

The bag style is most like that of a messenger bag, and the size and roominess allow the carrying of most portable devices including some laptops!

The hardware

Seven finishes available. Rainbow or matte black hardware will cost more