Creating a custom Flatterer bag

The Flatterer is a bag that I came up with for no other reason than my wanting an oversized Jack-O-Lantern bag. I wanted to make it a bit different than other circle bags, so the first thing I did was make it 15"x15" in size. Because it's so huge, I thought, why not make it into a convertible bag, so it can also be turned into a backpack! I also added the gusset rings because I love me some hardware, and it just needed something extra. Aside from the massive pockets, this isn't too strange of a bag, but I still love it!
It's finished size is approx 15"L x 5"D x 15"H

Face it, or don't

There are a few different faces and such to decorate the front of this massive bag! But if you don't want a face, you can also have a custom panel or other custom fabric!

Top handles

For something a little bit different, I designed the top handles to sit sideways, so you can use it as an oversized carry bag!


The pockets in this thing are MASSIVE! There is a zipper pocket in the front, a slip pocket on the back, and of course huge slip pocket (can be split in two) and zipper pocket on the inside!

The hardware

Seven finishes available. Rainbow or matte black hardware will cost more