Creating a custom Narcissist bag

The Narcissist was the very first bag that I ever designed. It randomly formed in my head one day, and I just had to cut and sew one up to visually realize my idea. The first one was very minimal. It had a flap, a zipper pocket and a slip pocket, and was made out of cheap lime green cotton with black cats all over it. After sharing it to a few sewing groups on FB, others began asking for the pattern. I didn't have one, so I set out to make one. I then spent a year trying to perfect it, and ended up releasing the pattern publicly in 2021. To this day, this is still my most popular design, both with those who buy my patterns and those who buy my bags and request customs!
I have spent countless hours adjusting the overall pattern, and now you can design your very own!
It's finished size is approx 12"L x 3-6"W x 8"D

Flap style

The Narcissist has two different flap options, rounded, and batwing. Both flap styles have a zipper pocket hidden on the underside.


Every bag has a main zipper closure on the inside, which can be left out if you choose. The flap itself can have 1-3 magnets, or a flip/twist lock, or 2 magnets and a lock!

Button label

Top handle & deco straps

There are options for a top handle or decorative straps. When you have a top handle, it's recommended that you also have a twist or flip lock closure on the front, so that the bag will not fall open while carrying. Decorative straps can be added, though there is no functionality in them.


As mentioned, there is a zipper pocket on the underside of the flap, but there is also a larger zipper pocket on the inside of the bag as well as a slip pocket that can be split into two! Recently I have reworked the pattern overall, and added the option for an outside slip pocket!


While this bag is already pretty structured, youhave the option for "super structure" which can be seen in this image. Without the super structure, the sides of the bag will bow outward, giving a more rounded appearance. With the super structure, the sides flatten out, giving more of the overall boxy feel to the bag!

The hardware

Seven finishes available. Rainbow or matte black hardware will cost more