Creating a custom Sanctuary Tote bag

This bag was one that I created when I was promoting fabric for another shop, but had no idea what bag pattern to use. I was given some bag panels, so I knew that I needed something with a large enough front that would show off the design nicely. I decided that a tote bag would be fun, so...tada!
It's finished size is approx 11"L x 4"W x 12"H

Pockets in pockets, of course!

There are two full sized slip pockets in this bag, in addition to the main section! The front "hidden" pocket blends in with the rest of the bag, so you can hardly tell it's even there! The large slip pocket on the inside helps to hide a slightly smaller zipper pocket!

Hardware galore!

Most tote bags have little to no hardware. I'm a hardware finatic, so of course there's a bunch of it in this bag! The two slip pockets have a magnetic closure, while the main bag has a double magnetic closure as well.


I use this bag to haul my 13" tablet around on a daily basis, as well as a few other things. But there is enough room in here for a laptop, and still have space for extra stuff!

The hardware

Seven finishes available. Rainbow or matte black hardware will cost more