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Hollow Bag Creations

PATTERN - The Flatterer

PATTERN - The Flatterer

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You will NOT be receiving any of the bags in the photos or any other physical products. This is a downloadable sewing pattern that must be opened on a computer or other device. There are NO REFUNDS for pattern purchases!

Files are automatically placed into a zip folder by Shopify, and can't be changed at this time. Zip folders can't be opened on some devices. If you don't have access to a device where you can open a zip file, please contact me via Facebook for assistance.

Skill level: ADVANCED BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE (but that doesn't mean that beginners can't do it!)

Final dimensions (approx): 15L x 15W x 5D


This box bag features:

1 massive inner zipper pocket

1-2 huge inner slip pocket(s)

1 massive outer slip pocket

1 huge outer zipper pocket

Crossbody and shoulder strap options and recommendations


Yes, the Flatterer is "yet another circle bag, but HUGE! With tons of customization options, this bag is a blank canvas and you shouldn't feel the need to stick to the pattern every single time! Have fun with it, and don't forget to join the Facebook group to show off your makes!


Fabric list: (based on 18" vinyl rolls)

note: there is a directional map included in the instructions on how to lay your pattern pieces if you like to fussy cut. If you do not fussy cut, you may end up using less fabric than shown below

I DO NOT recommend doing this pattern in thicker vinyl on a domestic machine

Exterior/accent: Approx 1 yard (or two 18" rolls of vinyl/faux leather/cork, etc)

Lining: Approx: 1.5-2yd

Stabilizer (heavy): Approx 38"x18" (decovil heavy or similar)

Stabilizer (light): Approx 38"x18" (decovil light or similar)

Foam: Approx: 38"x18" (flex-foam or similar)

Hardware list:


4 zipper pulls

23+ rivets

2-4 1" d-rings

4 2" o-rings

2 per strap

1-2 strap slider(s)

1 snap (optional for strap holder)

21" #5 zipper tape

2 10" #5 zipper tape

nameplate/label (optional)

2(per strap) strap ends (optional)

1 1.5" d-ring/square ring/o-ring (optional for backpack)



You may not mass-produce products made with this pattern for large-scale businesses/sales. Small businesses only. You also may not distribute/share this pattern or any parts of it with anyone in any way. You may do a video that does not show pattern pieces or give measurements, but please share it in the Hollow Bags pattern group on Facebook


Release date: March 25, 2023

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